Le Baptême: Discovery dive between 3 and 6 m with a monitor in a natural environment or in a swimming pool
Formations Children: Bronze Diver, Silver Diver and Gold Diver
Level 1: First official patent in France. It allows you to dive between 0 and 20 m depth with a guided tour.  
(From 14 years old, 12 years under certain conditions)  
Level 2: First steps towards the autonomy allowing to dive between 0 and 20 m without framework and of 20 to 40 m with a guided guide. 
(From 16 years)  
Level 3: Autonomy at 60 m  
(From 18 years old)  
Level 4: Guide to Leaning  
Level 5: Diving Director
E1: Swimming pool initiator holding N2 or N3: formation in zone 0 to 6 m  
E2: Initiator of the N4: formation in the zone from 0 to 20 m  
E3: Federal Instructor 1st degree or BEES 1: formation in the zone from 0 to 40 m 
E4: Federal Instructor 2nd degree or BEES 2: formation in the zone from 0 to 60 m
Fosses Outings
Going out in Dijon:  
Technical outputs with priority at level crossings

Sunday 15 October 2017 at 9.30 am  
Sunday 3 December 2017 at 9h30 am
Thursday 1 February 2018  at 8.00 pm 
Thursday 15 March 2018 at 8.00 pm

Output NIOLON  
April 1 to 2, 2017  
Location: NIOLON  
Release: Technique, open to autonomous  
Accommodation and diving club: UCPA
Going out in Dijon:  
Technical outputs with priority at level crossings

Sunday 15 October 2017 at 9.30 am  
Sunday 3 December 2017 at 9h30 am
Thursday 1 February 2018  at 8.00 pm 
Thursday 15 March 2018 at 8.00 pm

Meeting with world champion Umberto Pelizzari  
Beginning of September 2017, in Calvi for a 3 day course with Borgosub and Calvi diving. 
On the program, free immersion, constant weight, heavy weight and of course theoretical courses of apnea (techniques of relaxation, breathing, compensation, ...) 
To do again of course next year!  
(more images by clicking on the picture)
The club's apnea section - Season 5
2016 -2017: Autun Diving proposes, for the fifth consecutive year, a training dedicated to the practice of apnea, every Thursday evening from 19H30 to 21H, on two water lines, therefore 16 apneists maximum. 
We welcome 3 new free divers this year and the levels are very varied, from beginner to level 3.

We compete only with ourselves, and we will not seek individual achievement ... Safety is a constant concern. This allows everyone to push their own limits, with caution and efficiency. In short performance yes, but evolving with ease, like fish in the water since fish are our friends! 
Everyone can set their own goals and progress at their own pace, both in dynamic and static. We put in place a personalized follow-up, with videos in order to progress as quickly as possible. 
We will add a few learning sessions of the monopalme, pince-nez and glasses, as well as an introduction to underwater hockey. 
If you want to be part of the free divers who do not lack air .... We are at your disposal ...
Are we exceptional athletes?  
Let's talk a little about apnea. Apnea suffers from the clichés of the Big Blue, often seen as a suicidal practice for thrill-seekers, thus putting forward exceptional athletes. But are the apneists exceptional athletes?  
During an apnea, your heart rate will decrease, the blood will no longer feed your arms and legs and will be redistributed to the vital organs such as your lungs, heart and brain. These reflexes are innate protective mechanisms that we can all perfect.  
I imagine you could say, "yes but I do not do sports, I eat anything, and more .... I smoke" 
It is possible to hold his breath for almost 9 minutes ... and after only 3 years of practice like Vincent Mathieu, the Bordeaux world champion 2016. And it is possible to descend to 214 meters deep or swim 280 meters without breathe... 
And this is the singular character of this discipline. It is because we all have a different constitution. Apnea uses so much resources, throughout our body that we can all develop these skills for a little that we practice regularly and that we enjoy it.
Some videos of the apnea training in swimming pool and natural environment in Fouthiaux.
Register by:  
- Wednesday evening for the following Sunday, ie 5 days before the dive (imposed by Thalassa)  
- Sunday evening for Wednesday night dives, reserved for autonomous divers.  
Consider bringing your license, medical certificate and dive log  
(All dives are available on the schedule of club Thalassa)



For supervised divers, diving can be canceled, if we lack supervisors (and after consultation with the usual supervisors of the site)  
It is possible to dive:  
- almost every Sunday,  
- almost every public holiday,  
- almost every Wednesday night in summer (only stand-alone!), So enjoy!  
The club takes care of all dives.  
To organize the exit (carpooling, loan of equipment, ..), the list of participants will be sent to each participant. For the morning dives, the rendezvous is at 8am in the local, for the evening dives, the appointment is at 18h in the local.  
It is recalled that the Fouthiaux:  
- lighting is mandatory below 20m,  
- as well as 2 complete regulators (1st and 2nd floor),  
- and one parachute per diver!  
- lighting is mandatory below 20m  
- and a parachute by palanqué! ( like everywhere !)